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Otis – Likes him some funky music

Otis had some rough moments today. He needed a break from whining and wanted some music (he often asks me to put music on the stereo and dance with him). I went for YouTube to show him a Dumpstaphunk video I saw a few days ago. Going to the TV to get the music is unusual and tricky because YouTube shows a bunch of suggestions based on your viewing history (Curious George, Elmo, Play Doh kit demos).

Uh oh now he’s whining and demanding Play Doh videos. Ack!. I quickly found the video in question and opened the tube. Otis was immediately silent and staring for the whole ten minutes. Yes that twin 6-string bass action is their normal setup.

BONUS: a stripped down version with Ivan Neville on upright piano, Ian Neville on guitar and Tony Hall on the bass.

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