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Lots of new words, lots of fun

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of blogging. Otis is doing well! We’ve been enjoying our black raspberries and hanging out on the deck with feet in the kiddie pool. We’ve had some big thunderstorms lately so Otis knows all about thunder now. He also got to see the fireworks on the fourth-we had a nice view from our den window.

Otis knows he is two years old now, but sometimes claims he is three or even five. “I’m NOT two, I’m THREE, I want my birthday!” Other times he says he is a baby and not a boy. And other times he rejects all categories and says he’s just OTIS.

He is also showing a little interest in potty training, but initially thought underpants were thunderpants!

There are many new pictures in Mad Snaps (see 1.5 yr old, 2 years old, and vs food) and we’ve got more to sort through…


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