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Illness and being a big kid

Otis has been through a couple of illnesses recently, which is unlike him since he’s usually very healthy. But, when everyone at school gets sick….we end up staying home watching a lot of Dora the Explorer. This last one was a doozy and both mama and papa also got sick!

Last week Otis started transitioning from the infant/toddler room at school to the “big kid” preschool room. He’s excited because there’s lots more to do there, and his best friend Rowen just moved up after turning 2 last month. It’s a mixed-age classroom, so there are kids there from 2-6 years old, all mixed together. Several of the kids knew Otis from when he was the littlest baby in biokids.

Otis continues to develop his language skills… he’s now learning the alphabet song. And he’s learning other stuff too, like how to fix things. Recently he walked in to the kitchen while I was cleaning up and declared “I need tape!” I think he was trying help papa fix the computer.






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