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“I Love You”

Otis has not been sleeping very well this week.  Which is not great.  He is doing a lot of thinking these days.  At least he is thinking about a lot of things and quickly jumping from one thing to the next.  He still can sometimes focus on one thing, but he’s much more likely to get distracted now, or maybe its just harder to refocus him on the task at hand.  He’s hit some new cognitive stage, and he’s trying to adjust to it, and we are doing our best to figure it out.

Otis is not a picky eater at all.  He is omnivorous, and is cool about trying new stuff.  Combined with his enhanced distractability this can get a little tough. He will rapidly accumulate plates of fruit and cheese and 2 kinds of chicken and peas and corn and cereal with milk, having a bite of each while I run around the kitchen as he tells me what he wants to try.  Hummm: Bad Baby!

Otis’s language skills are still very interesting.  He’s got many hundreds of words now that he can say and many more that he understands.  He regularly surprises us with new words and phrases.  Tonight I gave him a big hug in his bed and told him “I love you.”  He said it right back, well enough that I could understand it.  Then we got into a call-and-response with it and he worked on his pronunciation.  Then he got very enthusiastic and pointed right at me and said “I love you,” finally working up to “I love you guys.”

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